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Runic Divine

I Might Let You Suck It! How Much Ca$h You Got?

I am Runic Divine (Rune for short) half Native American half Gypsy. My whole life I have traveled the European World. My kind are despised, accused, and spoken of in suspicious whispers. These experiences have given me perspective in the proper ways of hate. Now I have broken away from my people, and seek to punish you all one at a time!

I will use and abuse you for the sake of my own pocket and my sadistic needs! I will beat you while you blow me and pummel the small of your back when I fuck you! You are a loser it's just that simple! I know this because you come to me money in hand hopeless yet hopeful that Fate might have something good in store for you. Get bent loser you have nothing to look forward to in this life. You're here for the amusement of those you wish you could be, nothing more nothing less. I will use the Runes to unlock what's real and punish you for things you can not fix.

I am not the soothsayer who tells you what you want to hear. In fact I am just the type who takes great joy in explaining to you exactly what you don't want to know. I shall salavate on the thought of reducing you to Runes.

I can cut you down with my reading tools, read the lumps I make on your head, or rip you apart in a verbal rage using no more than the power of insight. Seek to please me and I will lesson your punishments or increase them as the cosmos prescribes. If you want a rune reading then follow the fucking directions below. I can already divine that you are a subspecies of humanity. As for what type the Ancients are never wrong in calling out the unfortunate.

Rune Reading:

1. Cut a piece of paper into 25 squares and put them in a hat.
2. Pick 2 numbers between 0 and 24.
3. Call me and I will read your misfortune based on the Runes matching those numbers.
4. Except your punishment and make a commitment to worship Runic Divine
5. To learn your ultimate punishment look for the email I send after the call.

Runic Chart
0. Blank: What you are and all you'll ever achieve.
1. Fehu: Your cock obsession will bring you to the lowest filthiest places to do your faggot business.
2. Raidho: You closet queen! Beware your your tells giving away your hidden shame.
3. Hegalaz: The incredible awkwardness of living in your skin.
4. Eihwaz: Your moral compass is in constant flux.
5. Tiwaz: Your need to bow before a Real Man.
6. Laguz: Through financial punishment you can find peace.
7. Uruz: The lust beast inside you that longs to be free.
8. Kenaz: Seek the council of your betters and reward them for paying attention to your worthlessness.
9. Nauthiz: Endurance of the slings and arrows and hellfire spit of your tormentor.
10. Perthro: The lonely Ghost of your Christmas Future.
11. Berknao: The bright light of greatness you shall never know.
12. Ingwaz: Use your faggot seduction skills to earn a favor.
13. Thurlsaz: The Incubus demands you seek seeds to swallow.
14. Gebo: Giving your ass away for punishment and as an alpha semen bucket.
15. Isa: Worshiping the perfection of falic from the position of eating ass.
16. Algiz: Take it bareback in the hole of diviner's choosing.
17. Ehwaz: Good fortune befalls you. The master will allow you to be used in the manner of the faggot's choosing.
18. Dagaz: The Foot bitch transformation.
19. Ansuz: Submit to harsh verbal devastation.
20. Wunjo: Wine out your foibles during a harsh directed self inflicted spanking.
21. Jera: The point where feminizing begins.
22. Sowllo: Indulge 3 flavors of cum.
23. Mannaz: Insert items of Sacrilege into any or all of your holes.
24. Othala: The blackmail warning they already know and its just a matter of time.

The Fates shun you and I fucking hate you  Your nothing more then a mobile cum farm now bow down and be seeded.