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I am THE Asian American Goddess: worldly, intelligent, sexy & dominant. I have a soft spot in my heart for guys hung up on the inner/sinner sissy bitch inside themselves. So Cute! I have a wet spot between my legs for the rich and powerful laid low by my games. Alpha males in chains. Sooo nice! Chasitity, cum denial, cum eating work well for both.
I am the woman of your nightmares and your wet dreams. Think about how long you have looked for the woman who will really entrap you? The Game fascinates and repels you, like many other aspects of your sexuality. Your secrets are the fronts you maintain for the the rest of the world. You dont need fronts with me, now do you sweetheart? No, of course not.
I know how to manipulate you and shame you. I take pleasure in shaming you, laughing at you, fucking you with a strap on just because I can, lol. Sitting on your face dirty and demanding you worship my entire crack just because I can, lol. It is about brainwashing you daily. Your forced poverty is next.
This is the end. The end of your excuses and denials that this is what you are and I am what you truly need. I take your fetish and mold it to my purposes. Your orgasm will never be better or more precious. Even my spit is precious to a slut like you.
The dungeon of your own mind awaits. Call now before it is too late and I am unavailable. The crisis for you will only become greater the longer you resist. It is irrational to resist my Pussy Power over men like you.
The Seductive Art of Goddess V
The materials below will educate you about my lifestyle and uses for men like you. Buy them, study them, obsess over them. It is all part of my program for you.
The Seductive Art of Goddess V
The materials below will educate you about my lifestyle and uses for men like you. Buy them, study them, obsess over them. It is all part of my program for you.
Blackmail Payment Enclosed
She Male Seduction to Blackmail
Holiday Blackmail RuinĀ 
Be My Sissy Girlfriend
House keeper Blackmails & Pimps Sissy
Massage Happy Ending Blackmail
Panty Wearing Executive Fool
The Hostage Seashore Blackmail
The Hostage Blackmail: Mountain Cabin
Sexy New Supervisor
Married Men Are So Easy To Seduce
Cock Sucking Secrets
A Boss in Need, Is A Slave Indeed
Slippery Slope
Blackmail and Seduction
Bound for Pleasure
Double Blackmail
Jail House Whore
Seducing Your Ass & Mouth 4 My Pleasure
Goddess V and the Slave Ideal
Persecuting the Prosecutor
Men Captured and Enslaved
Session with Goddess V
Cop Enslaved
My Power, your Submission

Not that I don't realize your fascination with me will border on obsession, then become obsession, then become addiction. I do realize that and I mercilessly exploit your secret desires.

Goddess V uses many ways to break you down, including: anal plugs, anal training, ass worship, atm piggie, being served and obeyed, blackmail, blow jobs, faggot slaves, public humiliation, sadism, forced bi, bondage, boot, foot worship, brainwashing, cash pigs, cbt, chastity, domestic sissy maids, ball torture, cock rings, cock cages, cock whipping, cock worship faggot slaves, collar men, control, corset, cross-dressing, cuckolds, hand cuff, dildo training, dirty story, forced chastity, cum denial, exhibition, financial, forced bi, gags, man harem, high heel, humiliation, blackmail, extortion, ice cube, blackmail interrogation, lingerie and panty hose fetish, mind control, financial payment, hypnosis, sex therapy, anal rimming, orgasm control, orgasm denial, otk discipline, regression, outdoor sex, otk, piercing, public exposure, pussy worship, riding crops, cock rings, sleep deprivation, spanking, speech restriction, seduction, blackmail seduction, blackmail, straight jacket, slave auctions, slave competitions, strap on, cum swallow, uniforms, verbal humiliation, voyeurism, your helpless tributes once my hook has been firmly sunk into you.