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What makes you think you deserve me? Wipe that pathetic, idiotic smile off your face. Whatever you thought was going to happen here, isn't. This is my realm, my house, my rules. Once you submit yourself to me, you cease to exist, you become my plaything. I expect obedience, demand spoils, and take everything. All paths lead to ruin. You will be broken. You will learn to obey and fear me, for I am your wicked nightmare. My voice, the siren call that lulls you and dashes your inferior hopes upon the jagged cliffs of my greed, plunging you into total submission. You will become a desperate thing howling under my heels from pain and pleasure. My claws raking across your fat belly as my crop singes your thigh. Do you dare come to the slaughter, little lamb? Puppet. Fool. I'll spit in your face and take what's mine for you are weak and useless, & I shall breathe new purpose into your wretched life. So bow down, slave and accept that you no longer matter, you exist to please me. Now beg for your leash.

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