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A Dungeon In Your Mind! Erotic Hypnosis Services

Hello! I'm a hypnotist that's been working with people for several years in the area of Erotic Hypnosis. I have made it a practice to work with almost anyone, even if their fetishes are not necessarily my fetishes. This has broadened my horizons a great deal. i have worked with T-Gurls, requesting assistance in the mental aspects of sexual reassignment, to helping gay men to experience the feeling of being a mindless sex slave. I have done needle play with no needles or bloodshed, and likewise I've done plausible decorative cutting scenes (watched a few demos at kink parties to research those, that was.... intense) The point is... I've been there and done that, and I can take you places you have gone before, and make you think you're back!

My specialities are: Hypnotic Slavery, Hypnotic Bondage, Hypnotically Enhanced Fantasies (you actually FEEL the action!) Post Hypnotic Suggestions for desired behavior modifications (cun-on-command, orgasm denial, and Hyper-Arousal AKA; The Land Beyond Orgasms) Chastity by impotence, Arousal on Command, Feminization, Sissification. and anything else you can think of clearly enough to describe to me! Want a Hypnotic Master? Here I am!Just being in a trance can be one of the most relaxing, addictive experiences there is. Find out why!The most intense levels of pleasure the serious Hedonist would ever ask for, as much pain as the dedicated Masochist can handle. You can experience things under hypnosis, within your own mind that would be too dangerous or destructive to do in real life. Try me once, you WILL be back! ;-)

I am not a hypnotherapist, nor do I claim any particular qualifications or certifications. I HAVE assisted people in the areas of feeling overwhelmed, or stressed, and I will never turn down someone in need, once they're on the line.

If you would like to learn more visit:

There are links within that profile that will help you understand what hypnosis is and how it works.

If anyone wishes to donate to the cause, I'm putting together a mini recording studio to make some high quality hypnosis MP3's>

Contact me via message here, and we can discuss what you wish to be done, and get a detailed explanation of what I will do, and how I will do it. I'm more than happy to answer basic questions, as I want my callers to come away satisfied and happy!