Phone Sex

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☏♛IGNOREline♛ $uperiorGodde$$ *Too good for you*

Are you a sub who likes to be ignored? ✔

Yes? ✔

Got a pathetic sissy ass desire for abandonment and neglect? ✔

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Everything about ME makes YOU inferior of MY presence, and unworthy of my time or attention. That's right! I'm quite busy with other, clearly more important things. I have ZERO time or inclination to speak with you, YES, even while you're paying PER MINUTE just to listen to and watch me doing ANYTHING else in the background except interacting with YOU.

The fact that I am neglecting you and/or ignoring you is a powerful force and will help you get into your precious perversely sought after subspace aka deep submission!

I could be doing SO much while ignoring you. LOL. Relaxing, checking emails, trying on clothes or shoes, chatting with my roommate, talking to other people online, touching up my makeup, smoking, dancing around to a song I like, laughing at someone other loser, texting my crush while ignoring your phone call LOL...who knows what i'll happen to be doing when you call me.

You'll Call me and you'll pay me, just to freakishly listen and watch me do anything just to see and hear me. Maybe you'll hear me breathing? I won't say hello or acknowledge you at all. You really don't deserve my acknowledgement or attentions anyway, do you jackoff? No. I'm much too good for you.

Watch me and listen to me as long as your funds will allow you! Spend everything you have, let it all drain into my account so that I can live the lifestyle I deserve, The lifestyle you can only pay me to watch me living!