Phone Sex

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BBW Goddess Mandy


This is the ignore line. If you call this line you will be IGNORED as it states. This line is set up for all my pathetic losers who enjoy being ignored by me. You may call me Mistress, Goddess or Princess. Don't complain because I will answer the phone with a "Hello" and then the phone with either be sat down or I will listen in to what you are saying all while I completely ignore you. I will NOT speak to you directly or have a conversation with you. You don't deserve to hear me speak. You will be happy to know that I answered the phone for you and you will keep that call going to add tons of your hard earned cash into my account. What will I do while you are on the phone being ignored you may ask? I may be doing any of the following watching tv, silence will be heard, me talking to friends in my home, eating, on the computer, playing games, anything that I want to do is what I will be doing. One thing is for sure is that I won't be talking to you losers. I don't care one tiny bit not even a morsel of anything you have to say or want me to hear. All I care about is your money being deposited in my account. As you are being IGNORED have fun and send me tributes. Being loyal to ME is your job and the devotion you have to ME by staying on the phone for a very long time will show me this. You need to be very appreciative that I even have this line available for you to call and experience time in MY life. I am SPOILED and expect to remain that way. :) Don't call this line expecting me to actually speak to you or to have phone sex with you because that will NOT happen. Call NOW so I can drain that wallet completely dry of every last cent you have. Let's see how long you can go with me ignoring you. This line will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week unless I am not home :) Message me to buy my Skype ID, to tribute me or for my Amazon wishlist link.