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Sadistic Beauty. Savage Grace.

I am a truly unique vixen. I know all your moves and more. You are powerless under my spell. You are powerless under the hypnotic stare of my green eyes. You are powerless from the effortless sway of my raven colored hair, or smoothly curved hips. You are powerless before my immaculate porcelain skin, tiny waist, and heart shaped ass. Even these words are lulling you, now.

I am like the black widow: Those I seduce into my web are violently turned upon for my pleasure.  

I will trap you in my web and cocoon your mind totally. You will be helpless before me. Here I will subject you to whatever humiliation, use, torture, or hypnosis required to shape you into whatever I see fit.

Perhaps you are a little sissy. You are a ridiculous excuse for a man. You long to be locked in chastity, and you secretly desire to be used, mocked, denigrated and humiliated by someone as effortlessly beautiful as me. I will put you in the frilliest pink panties, the most painful high heels, and tacky makeup, and force you to serve dinner to your wife and me. Perhaps you will drive me to a date with your boss. I’ll be taking him out with your money. Be sure to detail his car while we’re enjoying ourselves. Despite the pheromones I waft and the ways I continually cut you down, you will only be allowed to touch your inadequacy for release when I say.


Perhaps you will be a drone for me.  A number. A faceless, soulless ATM machine whose sole purpose is to slave away and fund my beautiful life. Your joy is in the knowledge that I am pampered and kept in luxury. Your dream is to see me fulfill my dreams. You will send your paychecks to my bank account, from which I will grant you a living stipend. I may be cruel. I may be magnanimous. Failing me will result in the cold loneliness of a lost drone, searching forever futility.

If you are of particularly good stock, and can afford the extensive time and intimacy required to meet my standards, you may be subject to my unmatched feminization skills, and turned into a beautiful creature of The Willow World. I have professionally feminized genetic women. I will transform your mind and your body. At first you will desire nothing more than to be a begging harlot in my brothel, my Haus of Sin, and you will work very hard here to afford my individual tutoring. But with my tutelage, you will be able to become an effortlessly graceful beauty. 

I specialize in:

  • Humiliation
  • Bondage
  • Financial Domination
  • MMS/Webcam Shopping Trips
  • Feminization and Beautification
  • Finishing School and Lady Training
  • Cuckolding
  • Chastity
  • Small Penis Humiliation
  • Sissification
  • CrossDressing
  • Forced Bi
  • Blackmail
  • Indentured Servitutde and Slave Training
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Foot/Shoe/Boot/Stocking Fetish and Worship
  • Leg and Ass Worship
  • Latex/Leather/Lingerie Adoration
  • Choking, Gagging, Breathplay
  • Call-and-Ignore

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