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Britney Bitch


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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, does the little loser need some help with its wallet??? Let Me teach you.... I deserve it all, and you deserve nothing! you deserve to be nothing more than my human ATM, to wait on Me, pay for Me, pray to Me, take pain for Me, and be completely humiliated for Me. you will, of course, listen to the beautiful sound of My laugh while I do this. Nothing is more fun for Me than laughing at your financial devastation.

I'll use your hard-earned cash for whatever frivolous little joys My Princess heart desires. Did you slave away making that last five hundred dollars, working your body to the bone? Ha! I've spent it in three seconds buying Myself clothes to adorn My cute Princessy body with. your money is just a plaything to Me. I'm so rich, I can do whatever I want with it. The tortured pangs in your voice when I blow your cash in seconds just makes it that much better.

So get on your knees and worship the Princess! I will do whatever I please with you, and you will love every second. you will beg to be My cash slave. FinDom is My favorite fetish. Juuuust watch as I prove it to you... I am not an angry yelling Mistress. I will get inside your head. you won't be able to stop thinking about Me, which is exactly how I want it.

My Favorite Things:

Humiliation, Beating You Up, Corporal Punishment, Enforced Chastity, Feminization, Forced Gay, Pimping You Out, Financial Domination, Blackmail, Exposing You to Your Wife, Kinkshaming, Making Custom Videos, Making Custom Mp3s, Destructive Therapy, Being Better Than You, Cock and Ball Torture, Small Penis Humiliation, Degradation, Forced Cum Eating, Edging, Sensual Domination, Female Supremacy, Strapons, Being Worshiped, Human Furniture, Human Ashtray. SURPRISE ME WITH YOUR PATHETIC FETISH!!!!