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Gimme all ya cash, BITCH!!! New to NF!

OK muthafuckas you know what this is. Cash out and asses up! I want ALL ya money and I want it right FUCKIN now! I mean why else would I give you the time of day!
And I'm no cheap bitch either, PUREBRED! I'm the type of hoe who likes to bathe in milk and honey, I never drop less then half a Benjamin on my panties!! My pussy be like "FLEUR OF ENGLAND ON THIS BITCH"!!!
So if your pockets not deep, IF YOU CAN'T EVEN BUY ME A NEW PAIR OF PANTIES BITCH, please don't waste my time!!! I have all types of hustles going on, and even tho some may get a little dangerous I still do what I do to get paid CAUSE I LOVE MONEY!! At a very young age I realized I could get boys to buy me whatever I wanted just so they could be around me. That's when discovered my favorite hustle that also when I developed the philosophy "WHY SPEND MINES WHEN I CAN SEND YOURS"! That's right I'm a greedy ass queen bitch who KNOWS she deserves to be worshipped and lavished with the finer things in life. If you want some of this pussy you gonna pay! So pay a tribute and if I'm satisfied with your offering maybe I'll pick up the phone so I can tell you how much more shit you'll be offering up TO KEEP ME SATISFIED!!!!
My favorite things to do:
Going shopping!!!!
Shopping online!!!!
Going to bars and find a man who wants to take me shopping!!!!
Massage my pussy while he tells me everything he's going to buy me!!!
Make him beg me like the dog he is to take me shopping!!!
Hell I don't even wear or use half the stuff I buy. I just love shopping!!!