Phone Sex

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Why would I want to talk to you disgusting perverts? Of course I fucking don't, I just want to take your $$$$$$. And you will give it to Me for doing absolutely nothing! Just for the privilege of knowing that I am on the other end of the phone you will fork over all the money that should belong to Me anyway. Isn't that right, you pathetic fucking scum?

Hehehehe, I do love listening to the stupid little noises you make when you try to get My attention! you brainless little freaks sound soooooo HILARIOUS when you whine and beg to hear Me speak. And that sound of relief in your voice when I burst out laughing at how pathetic you are just confirms what I know already: you're so worthless, I shouldn't even be gracing you with simple conversation.

When you call, I will do W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R I want. If I'm shopping I'll keep shopping, if I'm watching TV I'll keep watching, if I'm sleeping you'll listen to Me snore, and if you're lucky enough to call while I'm fucking then maaaaybe you will get the privilege of hearing Me moan. Just remember that you don't deserve it. you don't deserve even the privilege of hearing me breathe.