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Lady Mirth

Let's create a scripted scenario

You’ve clicked on my Fantasy-RolePlay listing. I have an idea for you, dear.

I want you to send me a RolePlay script that you have written (or "appropriated" from elsewhere --giggle)! I will look it over, maybe edit it to my personality, my style, my erotic nature. And send it back to you. No charge for editing. And then you can call me, and I will tell you my version!!!!! I might embellish my words further as we talk. Maybe a lot, maybe a little, depending on how the magic is building between us.

Or, maybe you would like ME to create the script. You just tell me what is driving you, your fantasy, your obsession. Turn me loose on my creative edge and I will create a script to singe or to titillate or to release all that cum built up inside you. Tell me the topic, some detail, and how long ($10 for page 1 --300 words; $10 for each additional 300 words; I'll send the script in PTV for appropriate amount)

Once we have your creation or mine, we’ll explore, expand, and expound even further when we are reading it live. You’ll become entwined in the velvet and lace of my long robe as you sit at my feet and let your face melt into my robed body.

Either with your script or mine, I want the script to express the fantasy that troubles your soul until you find a way to let it out.

I want the script to let out the deepest desire of what, if you could, you would live out in your real life.

Let go and let me lead you into the world of fantasy you crave. Soon my words, the tone of my soothing voice, the mysterium I build between us, all begin to catch you in your own rapture, your own erotic plane, your own erotic heaven.

Some DO want the heaven. And I provide that. Romantic. Blissful. Erotic grandeur. All velvet and lace. Is that what YOU want: heaven?

Or maybe you want Hell. Oh my! If the script goes to FinDom, or to Female Supremacy, or to Female Superiority, or Strong Women, then whether you have written the role play or I have, you will feel that Domination as we read. I realize, My dear, that the talk in the last 25 years of Women’s lib, Female Liberation, the Women’s movement, has undermined the self confidence of so many males. That leaves you wanting to know it’s okay to surrender, and have some confidence that you won’t be abused in slavery beyond what you can stand. We can roleplay your desire to be crushed that comes thru in so many fantasies played out in male minds in the last 2 decades. Being under the heel of a strong FemDom! As I elaborate and embellish the script, you will find I take off my velvet and lace, and reveal a different nature: leather bodice and skirt. Leather boots. Fishnet stockings. Black leather mask. And holding my whip. And you will cringe in terror.