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Ohhh, you clicked on my listing for Remote Domination! This is so much My SPECIALTY.
Welcome to the entrapment of being captured, just as much as if we were in the same city, and you came to my dungeon and were STRIPPED of your clothes, your car keys, your wallet, and had no way to escape back to your "normal" life!

We can set up the entrapment to be just as much real as that visit to my dungeon where you are rendered helpless beyond belief!!!!!

So if you want to know how I can entrap you for an hour, or a day, in remote domination, as real as a visit to my dungeon, then email me for my "introduction to remote domination" list. This will outline some of the items I require you to purchase and have at hand.

prisoner imprisoned dungeon hostage remote capture entrapment long-distance bondage trapped captive helpless slave bondage

As soon as you have those items, you are you are ready for your first remote dungeon experience! (These items are all obtainable at a local hardware store.) Later, for more advanced remote-dungeon, you will be buying a few items online, but more about that later!)

handcuffs chains shackles irons manacles

Remote Domination is a process that involves setting up with special items it is not something that can just happen in an impromptu call. Once you have met my basic requirements, I will open a chart on you and will record your progress thru the steps. In effect it is a journey down a dark stone staircase to a cold dank prison cell, but you KNOW you'll LOVE it!

locked secured padlocks dungeon jailcell warden jailer

START YOUR PROGRESS NOW. Before a week goes by, you will experience the total thrill of knowing you are in another's power, and cannot escape unless She releases you!!!! You will be on your knees begging to be allowed to depart from the dungeon-experience!!!!

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If Mistress is not currently available, then dear, do email Me to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Use the SEND EMAIL button on the left border.

I KNOW you are anxious to speak with Me ... Do email me and introduce yourself . Tell me a bit about your fantasies of being helplessly dominated. We can have such a lovely time chatting about them!

I am waiting for your call!