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Drain Line- All Your Cash Belongs to ME


Can you prove your worth to me? I may ignore you, so you better BEG for my attention. Beg for me to take your money. Submit to your better and pay tribute! Give your life a sliver of meaning.

Call and pay a tribute to your Caribbean American Goddess. I am a cruel mistress who deserves your paycheck. This line is about ME - taking your money and spending it on ME! You know you love giving it so PAY UP! I live a busy life, doing things you couldn't ever hope to achieve, the only way you can have a little taste is to finance it. You will pay my rent. You will pay my school fees. You will buy my books. You will fund my entertainment. You will do this because you serve no other purpose but to please ME! You will buy the lingerie I'll wear to fuck REAL MEN, the kind you'll never hope to compare to.

You are undereducated, slow witted and probably never pleased a woman with the pathetic flesh flap you call a dick in your entire miscarriage of a life. The only thing of value you can contribute to me is your cash so PAY UP, PIG! BUY ME STUFF I WANT and you MIGHT get my attention.