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New FinDom therapy TRUE SUBMISSION serving Goddess

My name is Mistress June Stuart and I believe in female supremacy. Submissive men should always be looking for real ways to improve the lives of superior women and Financial Domination is as real as it gets.

Money is a symbol of power. And the most direct, most efficient transfer of power from a submissive to a Dominant is the exchange of power as money.

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Financial domination phone sex Mistress

When you sacrifice your finances, you give me more options, more experiences, more joy. It is that simple. Money is power and freedom because it allows me to do more and to spend my time as I choose. It is also empowering because it gives me financial stability and freedom from financial worries. Money makes me happy! And YOUR money makes me even happier than my money.

Money slave phone sex

I enjoy many FemDom phone sex fetishes, but when they are supported by real time sacrifices from my submissive pets to their superior Queen, those fetishes are that much sweeter.

FinDom phone sex fun

Whether you enjoy FinDom as a component in your play scenes or you like to play money games, or you are just a financial masochist who needs to be used by a Goddess, I am happy to take your cash.

Money slave phone sex fetish

It makes no sense that you want to pay more for my time than you have to, but you DO want to! You want to honor me with extravagant tributes. You want to be a total fucking fool for me. :) lol You know you do! It makes no sense, but it makes your dick hard to be a fool for me. To be so silly and irrational. To lose yourself in my power. Even when you are crying over the money you should have saved, you are stroking (if I allow it) because you know this is what you were meant for. To honor me. It makes you feel alive.

Money pig phone sex

I am not a "greedy bitch" and I will never demean myself in any way to "win" your funds. I am a true alpha Domme with a genuine Sadistic streak and I will push you toward deeper financial suffering in exactly the same manner that I push my CBT and pain play callers to experience deeper physical pain for me. Or the way I push my humiliation callers to greater erotic mental anguish for me. I especially value bold gestures of adoration.

I love when you suffer for me.

Money submissive phone sex

It is a privilege to suffer for me. You should thank me every time I allow you to sacrifice in my honor.

And now you may pick your tribute. Pick more than one! Pick often! Make me happy. :) What else matters? I am worth it.

Tribute ten dollars Twenty dollar tribute Tribute forty dollars

Tribute sixty dollars Eighty dollar tribute Tribute one hundred dollars

Tribute one hundred fifty dollars Two hundred dollar tribute Tribute three hundred fifty dollars

Tribute five hundred dollars Seven hundred dollar tribute Tribute nine hundred ninety five dollars

I'm excited to talk to you. Send a tribute and call me now!

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NOTE: If you forget my screen name, remember that you can always find me by searching for "June Stuart". I always use my full name so that I can be found by that search term. Just type my name in the search box at the top of NiteFlirt and ignore the suggestions they show you. Once you hit enter, it will bring up all of my listings.