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Madame Dragonfly

♘♔♙Use & Abuse Line♟♚♞

You are weak. On your knees now and know your place. Serve Madam.

It doesn't take much to know that you are the lowest of low. A pathetic scrap of meat with a useless tool between your legs. You try to hold your head up high but you reek of weakness.

There is no salvation for you here. You will be enslaved to my will.Tortured and punished for my amusement.

And you will thank me for every minute of it.

I will tell you exactly how much of a waste of space you are. Your existence means nothing but money in my pocket. You claim yourself a man but you can't even do that right.

There is no mercy for the pitiful here. I am cunning and cruel, I will get you to tell me what makes you tick and use your inner most fears against you. You can beg and plead all you want, I love to hear it. You will be lucky enough to be graced by my cruel laughter as I discover more about your pathetic life.

I bring true pain. And tears will not stop my tongue lashings. If anything it will encourage more. Give yourself a realistic reminder on just how low you are by amusing me.