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Your new obsession, to be spoiled and adored

First and foremost, I love being spoiled rotten. We both know I deserve to be taken care of, and I do my best to do my part. Massages, facials, nails, hair, personal training, organic living, lingerie, takes a lot of time and money to upkeep this Lady. Who wouldn't want to be a part of keeping me happy, healthy, and spoiled?? I also enjoy financial domination. Taking control of your credit card without you knowing what I might get up to. Controlling how much you get to spend from your paycheque. Paying off my bills with your money. Travelling with your money. Taking my girlfriends out for the evening on you.

Because I take such great care of my physical self, I enjoy body worship. Legs and feet in particular. Something as simple as a weekly pedicure keeps my bare feet soft and pink. When I'm feeling more luxurious, I just love the look and feeling of sheer stockings on my lean, smooth legs, then stepping into a pair of beautiful heels that make my legs even more luscious.

Along with the stockings, I love sexy and elaborate lingerie. Matching lace bra and panty sets, corsets, garters, vintage pinup style, vintage couture, vintage costumes...I love to collect, model, photograph, and sell some personal items to the right bidder. I'm an exhibitionist at heart, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to see just how amazing I look dressed with your money. But only if I think you deserve my attention.

Teasing/denial of orgasm~This is extra fun for me, especially if it happened to coincide with prancing around in my new lingerie while being praised.

Smoking~ I smoke joints, and I find smoking very sexy. The process of rolling your own, baptizing the joint, pulling in the smoke, then exhaling. Its a very sensual process and you would have to do something very, very special to deserve to watch that AND pay attention to you simultaneously.

Role play ~ having the chance to throw myself into a different character is exciting, especially when I'm controlling you

Sissification/emasculation ~ dress like the little girl you are

Cuckolding ~ Let's face it. Even if you met me in real life, you wouldn't know how to handle me. But I'm still a sexy and sexual female who goes out with hot guys all the time. Just imagine all the adventures a single girl like me can get up to on the weekends with all the options I have...

Erotic literature ~ both reading and writing

Humiliation ~ degrading you. Maybe because I'm having a bad day, or maybe just because I feel like doing it to watch you crumble like a little baby girl

Exhibitionism ~ showing off how gorgeous I look in my gifts and parading around what you'll never get