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It's time to explore your fetishes, kinks, and submissive nature under My Control!

 I am Goddess Bella Donna.

You may address Me as Ma'am, Goddess Bella Donna or Miz Bella Donna until you have earned the honor of calling Me Goddess or Queen.

I have been part of the BDSM, Fetish and Kink world since 1992, both as a Lifestyler as well as a Professional.

I have self-published several books and magazines, both educational as well as fetish fiction, given private real time workshops for couples, mentored and trained in several newbie Mistresses and Masters over my time, and given educational talks on the spirituality and mental health benefits of BDSM in real time.

I adore chit chatting with my subs on all sorts of topics, not just BDSM and Fetish related and get to know them both as a person as well as a submissive beneath My control.

I like having fun, but during a Session it becomes all about your obedience, your proper behavior, your willingness to please Me, serve Me, worship Me etc. There is a time for playing around and a time to sink to your knees and surrender to Me fully.

 I am not a Brat, or a Princess type, but a Lady of Power and Queen of MY Realm. I am neither a "giggly" or "crude" type of Dominatrix. Manners are of high importance to Me.

Here are just some of the kinks and fetishes I am adept in and personally enjoy to variant degrees.

Bondage – Self-bondage Instructions – Mental Bondage – Physical Bondage – Extreme Bondage,

Feminization, Sissification, Crossdressing, Emasculation, Sissy Maid Training, Transformation Fantasies, Gender Reversal Fantasies, Sissy Wife, Sissy Breeding, Stepford Sissy Training, Cock Worship Instructions, Cock sucking and anal whore training, Sissy Slut Conditioning, Consensual Sissy / Faggot whoring out,Wig and Makeup Fetishes, “Forced” or “Coerced” Fem, Bi, Gay, Dildo / Anal Toys / Vibrator / Sex Toys– Use them under my instructions!

FemDOM Experience, Alpha Female / beta male, Bitch Conditioning, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex for Sissy or Femmi Cucks, Strapon Play,

C.B.T., Chastity, Key holding, Cock Control, Masturbation Puppetry, Cum Control, Cum Denial, Cum Eating Instructions, Tease and Denial,

Collar and Leash Training, Protocol Training, Ritualistic Goddess Worship, Spiritual Goddess Worship, Sensual Goddess Worship, Worship and Domination, German Discipline, Old School Punishments, Caging, TPE, Service Slave Conditioning, Butler Training,

Hyper Fetishes, Robotics Fetish, Human Living Doll Fetish,

Feeder / Feedee / Food Fetishes, Weight Gaining, Weight Humiliation, Fat Boy Conditioning,

Electro Play, Wax Play, Scent and Texture Conditioning,

Pantyhose / Stocking Fetish, Panty Fetishes, Foot, Shoe and Boot Fetishes,

Ass worship and domination, Ass smothering, Ass Humiliation

Tickle Torture Fetish, Erotic Tickle Fetish, Exploration of sensual tickling,

Action based Humiliation, Objectification, Subjectification, Human Furniture, dehumanization,

Giantess Fetish, Vore, Trampling, Squashing, Switch and Bait, Moody Giantess, Evil Giantess, Giantess Girlfriend, Shrinking Fetish, Growing Fetish,

Smoking Fetish and Domination, Smoke for Me, Sensual Smoking Discussions, Human Ashtray Training, Cigarett Discipline, Smoke and Stroke and more

ONLY for those who can actually handle it and are into it:
Financial Domination, Cashtrations, Wallet Decimation, Raise the Rate, Financial Cuckoldry, Sugar Slave, Financial Cruelty, etc
Note I do NOT offer this on this listing.

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Most MAINSTREAM Fetishes are ok here.

If I am not familiar or adept in a fetish or kink I will honestly tell you. As long as I am comfortable with discussing it as well, we can still talk about it and I’ll just ask you a lot of questions if I am not. If you are not 100% sure email me first. I enjoy learning about different kinks and fetishes as well.

As you can see I have a wide variety of fetishes and kinks we can explore or talk about.

Well there you go, so many options, and now it’s up to you if you are ready to dip your toe into the Water of submission under my loving but strict guidance.

I hope to speak to you soon.

Goddess Bella Donna