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Shy Student

Here, piggy, piggy! Let me IGNORE you! $$

Hi, I am Heather.

I'll admit, I'm rather uncomfortable with the idea of this line. However, my housemate, who's been a top flirt here for a couple of years now has slowly introduced me to the world of Ignore.

She explained to me that Ignore fetishists actually want this... they get off on the idea that a beautiful woman will go about her day and just listen to a desperate little piggy on the other end of his line tugging himself and listening to her giggle at it. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see her take these kinds of calls all the time. It's far more erotic than I could have believed, but let's not talk too much about that, or I'll get all shy again.

My housemate says you don't deserve to get a choice of what you get to listen to, but I'm a little nicer than she is I think. Would you like to listen in on my piano practice? Or me going for a cycle or working out in the gym? Or perhaps even ... well, we won't go there, though I'll admit I'm thinking of playing with myself just writing this. Lol!

Call me. Let me ignore you for $$$. Your money will be going to a good cause - namely to support me through college. Good piggy. :)