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Michelle Owns You

Sacrifice Deprive Yourself For Sexy Princess...NOW



I’m a breathtaking Princess that will entangle you in my web of seduction. My sweet sexy voice will intoxicate you. You’ll soon be trapped, unable to think, unable to focus, unable to concentrate on anything expect obeying, stroking, and paying me. I’ll drain you in more ways than one. All for Michelle.

Though you will try to resist, it won’t be long before I have you wrapped around my little pinkie, weak to do my bidding. I’m greedy and aggressive. I’m here to profit from your weak mind and throbbing cock as a way to control and exploit you.

You sacrifice and I live a life of luxury. It’s beneath me to engage in mundane, un-Princess-like things, like working some lame ass job. That’s your role. That’s what you do. You’re my slave, toiling away while I’m out spending your money.

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Rules For Slaves, Money Sluts, and Pay Pigs

*Smirks* I know you want to stroke your piggy prick.
Well not until you pay your cum tax.
Click to find the right cum tax bracket.


Cash Drop....Drop it For Princess
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Young * Privileged * Snobby * Stuck Up * Controlling * Conceded * Bratty * Arrogant * Better Than You * Manipulative * Out Of Your League * Ultra Greedy * Never Satisfied * Self Absorbed * Cute * Perfect * Blackmail Bitch * Shallow * Charming * Narcissistic * Cruel * Bubbly * Wallet Raper * Old Man User * Idiot Abuser * Gold Digger

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