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Beautiful Shayla

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Hey guys my name is Shayla Aspasia and I am sure you are wondering a little bit about me. First off I am in graduate school working on my second history degree. I have adored being in college so much that I decided I never wanted to leave the campus. Unfortunately you either have to be a student or a professor to stay. I will be a student as long as they let me then I will just slip into that professor seat. I am the girl that always has a plan sometimes not a good one but I like to live my life. I adore pleasing the people in my life and if that happens to be you then you are very lucky. While the mind is important I tend to also spoil my body. Being a girl is so much fun for me getting my hair done, manicures, pedicures, and of course all the accessories to go with. I take care of myself and I demand that others take care of me too. Treating me right means I will do things for you that you have not even thought of yet. I am highly educated and a you will always find a book in my possession. I read all kinds of subjects including the ones that we do not necessarily talk about in public. I am a little shy around new people. Many a person has described me as an introvert. This is true in some ways. When I feel comfortable around someone my inner naughty girl comes out. I have those kinds of fantasies that would make a hard core pornographer blush.

I tried to do the whole regular job thing and the first couple of years in college I struggled to make things work. Then I ran across this site and thought I could do that. I have met some really awesome people off of here. There is so much about my sexuality that I have discovered while talking to you guys on the phone. My imagination and creativity comes alive each time my phone rings. This is not a job for me this is an adventure in self that I am sharing with you. I know we will have a lot of fun together. Check out my listings they are just a guide to the depth of exploration we can have. Give me a call and let me please you.

Let your freak flag fly. The kinkiest women are always the most intelligent. If you are wanting to explore the darkest part of your dirty mind you could not pick a better person to talk with. Most times, I’m laying naked on my bed, fingering myself, the tips of my fingers pressed up against the ceiling of my pussy as my thumb brushes slightly over my clit. Thinking of all my previous hot lovers as well as those in my cumming future makes my pussy drip with anticipation. I have explored so many different fetishes and always looking for the next sexy one. I want to know those things you have done the ones you would never tell a new lover. You can confess it to me! I am the girl that will make you drop your guard the one that will explore your taboo desires just to tell you more. You thought your were perverted I bet I can make you blush. While on campus I adore sitting watching all the people making up stories about their dirty little secrets. Sometimes I get so worked up with those thoughts I just have to find a quiet corner in the library to make myself explode. The thought of possibly being caught just makes my clit tingle and my juices flow. I love to multitask we can talk about your day or have some intelligent conversation discussing Locke ethics of natural law. Maybe you have had enough pleasantries you are craving getting down and dirty. Are you an anal whore like me do you love to take cock up the ass?The thought of a nice hard thick cock sliding in my tight ass sounds wonderful. I am into all holes and being a nasty girl in the bedroom. Do you enjoy the thought of me using you for whatever I want? How about reversing the roles you can play the girl and I get to use you. Make it hot and dirty the more intense the play the more turned on I get. I have done vanilla and I am ready to try every other flavor out there. I’m here for you so give me a call. I will make you paint the ceiling like Michelangelo create that explosive masterpiece just for me. Click on the banner below and check out my Goodies. New Goodies every week. Every Goodie purchase includes 2 free minutes. Purchase two Goodies get 5 FREE MINUTES!! !
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