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I WANT finsubs, pay-pigs & white!

Welcome to the world of Mistress Mauvais, you will obey, respect and totally submit to Her at all times. Mistress gets a real kick out of financial domination and ownership. She enjoys nothing more than rinsing her victims to the point of financial ruin - demanding regular bank transfers, payment of bills as well as being spoilt rotten. This stunning Black Beauty is constantly looking to take on new fiscal slaves who strive to prove themselves worthy of Her precious time. Now, just consider for a moment, the benefits of such a liason. There needs to be 'give and take' in any relationship; you will give and She will take, take, take. you are trapped in a world where you need to be constantly used and abused by your chosen Mistress, a world from which you will NEVER escape. Mistress Mauvais on the other hand, has an insatiable desire to strip you of everything you have ever worked for and is prepared to use Her sexual power to ruthlessly achieve Her aims. If, as they say 'opposites attract' then you must surely see that total submission to Her is essential to your future. Once on the line with Her there will be NO TURNING BACK - you will become weaker and weaker as She instantly takes ownership of your very being, using Her voice of hypnotic, sultry tones to suck you in, starting with your mind before completely crushing and controlling you to a level you never imagined possible. This process will ALWAYS end with you totally emptying your wallet and occasionally, your pathetic little balls - at Her discretion. So come on slave, don't just sit there.. Get dialling... your Mistress in waiting could be waiting for you.