Phone Sex

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Get it baby

I love ignoring your pathetic ass

You sit behind a screen with your disgusting, small dick out, drooling over me. You call me because you want me.
I won't answer your call until you spoil me with tribute.
Shower me with gifts
Then I'll answer you.
But do you think I'm going to entertain you with a bunch of sexy lines? No, I'm going to ignore your sissy ass.
I'm a princess, not one of the cheap slut who sits here waiting for you to use her for your perverted pleasure.

I use YOU.
You will hear me carry on about my day like you don't even exist.
Depending on my mood, I might laugh at you, make fun of you with who I'm with at that time or even put you on mute so that you can't hear the fun I'm having without you at all.
You might call me at a time where a man worthy of my pussy is giving me the big, hard cock you can't provide me or even playing with my own pussy, cumming over & over again.
Who knows, if I'm pleased with your tributes to me, I may even feel bad for you & acknowledge your existence, perhaps letting you get lucky.
I might take a portion of your money to buy something brand new to tease the fuck out of you.
Beg & plead It brings me satisfaction hearing you beg for what you can't have.

You WILL give me what I want - YOUR MONEY.
You will provide me with a lavish lifestyle straight from your wallet.
That is all you are good for. Why else would you be here?
You were born to be my ATM.
You are here to make ME happy.
I have bills to pay, shopping to do, well deserved pampering to enjoy & it will be at YOUR expense.
I deserve your hard earned money more than you do.

Too scared to call? Don't worry, you can send me a message. But the rules still apply.