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Cute ginger Domme loves CBT Denial Worship & more!

STOP! DO I CAM?CLICK HERE. And don't be a drooling imbecile. If you stupidly message me and waste my time asking about this I will block you.

You want to worship me more than I worship myself. You want to be dominated, I will use my intellect and my divine beauty to dominate you and your little idiot-stick. I love orgasm denial. Nothing makes me happier than denying you orgasms for days and teasing your sore blue balls, crushing your face under my big juicy ass. The only time a dick is attractive to me is when it's completely denied, suffering, desperate for an orgasm but resigned and defeated and hopeless to have one. I want to see your suffering little cock and laugh at it, oh it makes me so giddy.

You want the freedom to be for me the little sissy slut that you try to hide. I will free you and make you my little whore. You want me to feminize you and show you how glorious it is to be feminine in silk and lace. I know all about the glory in raw femininity, as you can plainly see. I'm blessed with more feminine grace and beauty than my chubby little body can contain. You want me to humiliate you and help you realise truths about your own self. I will decide when, how, and if you cum (you probably won't). You want to obey, you want to give up control to Goddess Lilly and relish in the lovely sub space I will help you achieve.

I've got a big fat ass that I know you want to worship, spank, eat out, and of course, fuck. I love anal so much that I even masturbate anally, often. I'm probably watching porn with a dildo in my ass right now. Too bad you'll never be able to please me that way. No, instead you can please me by submitting yourself to me in total worship. It makes me incredibly happy when you're desperate to cum, in pain, humiliated, and hopeless for release -- and begging for more with your wallet open.

♥♥ Orgasm Denial ♥♥ Cuckolding ♥♥ CBT ♥ CFNM ♥ Humiliation ♥ Financial Domination ♥ Foot, Ass, Body worship ♥ Ignoring ♥ Feminisation ♥ Spanking ♥ Fantasies ♥
Realise your penis means nothing to me before you call.

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