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Mistress Pinky Galore

Extremely Kinky Humiliation and Mindfuck Tasks !

Are you attracted to high risk behavior?
I'm going to steer you wrong and push you over the edge.

I like to force you, I like to confuse you. I like to fuck you up.
Your kinky perversions brought you here and I'm going to exploit you for it!

I will poison your mind and use your weaknesses against you.
Your job is to please me by engaging in high risk behavior and making a fool of yourself for me!

Visit My Forced Confusion Mind Control & Reprogramming Parlor

I know what you need help.
The kind that only I can give you and you'll pay dearly for it.
I'm going to feed you. Fill you up. Overwhelm you.
I truly understand your need to give up control...
of what once used to be: your body.
It belongs to ME now, and I'm going to do whatever I want with it.

I know this is a bitter pill to swallow but, trust me,
the sooner you accept this, the sooner you will "get well".

In need of dietary control? I have the recipe for your destruction…

Call me.
I'll make the fat ooze from your pores & the boner marrow ooze from your brain.
Get wounded by a woman in power!
I find my own perverted cruelty terribly exciting...
I'm a man trap made of pink quicksand.
I will tease, tempt, and mock you into feeling the same...
I love humiliation, forced confusion, forced orgasm,
ego stomping, financial domination, and verbal abuse.

Using you turns me on!
My voice sucks you in, my words spit you out. You’re doomed, darling!
Like any good dealer, I give out FREE samples!

I will smother you with my breathy whispers.
My voice is a velvet wave of narcotic euphoria. Addiction comes quickly.

Make a good 1st impression! Click below for a "How To" guide:

Ease your way into my wonderland with an erotic induction...

Visit my BrainDrain Lab!

Call me for erotic salvation, perverse advice,
guilt trips, anxiety triggers, panic attacks, mental torture,
anxiety relief, mood elevators, compulsive thoughts, and menu planning!
Don't be afraid.
I'm lovingly cruel and sadistically inclined.

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Sink lower!

Play more games, do more tasks, embarrass yourself to MY delight!


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Includes mp3 and a video!

OMG fun & messy!

Whore yourself out on Craigslist for me!

Chastity Contract

Pecker Checker

Shame Hole

Hands Free Love Note

37 Cums

Boner Owner Pet ID Tag


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