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~~ Spanking by a Mature Disciplinarian ~~

You have often dreamed of being across the knees of a strong, authoritative woman who would administer a smart spanking. Maybe you felt shame. Or a little fear of what might happen. You tried some playful spanking games with your girl friend or your wife. But, they could never get serious about it. The scene almost always ended in giggles and you didn’t have the courage to out yourself. You really, seriously need discipline.

Just imagine...I will take down your trousers, bare your bottom and you will be positioned across my lap. I will introduce you to first my bare hand and then one of my sturdy little hair brushes.

With my stern authoritative voice, you may be instructed to stand in front of me for a scolding and lecture. A mouth soaping may be needed if your bad behavior warrants it. I may require you to stand in the corner with your bottom bared and pants down around your ankles . Standing there feeling helpless and vulnerable. So call me now for the discipline that you know you need….and deserve. Call RebekahHurtz for phone sex on

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We all need drama. It adds spice to our lives. That’s what role play is all about. Let’s play some spanking games. I will be your teacher and you were tardy to class. Naughty. You need to be spanked with the wooden paddle of education. Perhaps you wish me to be your neighbor who caught you peeking in the window while she was taking a shower. Or I could be your wife, displeased with your laziness and failure to perform chores I assigned. Or you were caught dressing in panties. Or I am your boss and...

Perhaps you need penitence. You have committed real misdeeds and sins, and wish to unburden yourself through harsh punishment. You have committed some unspeakable and shameful act which deserves severe punishment. Tell me of your misdeeds and I will decide your fate!

Or you wish to confess to some imaginary transgressions. That would be acceptable as well. Have you been a bad at home or at work? Have you imbibed too much or eaten too much? Putting on too many pounds? Masturbated excessively? Have you become addicted to porn?

You will confess to Ms Hurtz and express remorse and contrition for your misdeeds. You will politely request Ms Hurtz to apply a proper and deserved dose of domestic discipline. There are some many variations to the games we can play. But they all have one common element: You will end up receiving a good, solid paddling.

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