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All the Gold in the World Can't Buy You Goldie

Sex. What really drives the world. It all boils down to sex. The world is fued by power, money and sex. And right here gentlemen (and the losers who strive to be them) is power, money and sex in its purest form. It's all an exchange, really. What lights that urgency that starts between your legs and then travels deep into your brain. And I am here to strip you of all three, Power Money & Sex.

Let's start with power exchange. I know that what you really seek is someone to put you exactly where you belong. No, not at the bottom of a ditch rotting (although I'm sure plenty of you deserve it) but rather in that void where you don't have to worry about all of life's stresses. Once I have you right where I want you, wrapped around my little toe, you won't have to worry about all that bullshit you call a life. All you will have to worry about is me, and what pleases me. No more stress about making big important life decisions or your next career move. None of that matters from this moment on. Me, that is all that matters now. And if life throws you a curve ball and you just need to escape, don't fret. I'm right here, just focus on making me happy. Your life will instantly be illuminated in technicolor and all variables will lead to a clear path once you've recognized that your ultimate life goal is simply to make me happy.

Money. Number two in the grand scheme of life. Money is the easy part. There's always an exact available amount and I always need more than that. It may sound bratty and superficial for me to outright demand that your money is mine but really... it's only fair. If I'm alleviating you of the stresses that power brings to your life it's only fair that I am adequately compensated. Maybe compensated is too sterile of a word. It's only fair that I am appropriately worshiped. Which leads me to sex...

Sex rules this world. We can all play hush hush during standard, dull social interaction but underlying nearly ever social interaction is sex and the role it plays in our lives. Sex will make you do the most irrational things. I will also make you do seemingly extremely irrational things but I will also satiate all your sexual desires. Even indirectly I have no doubt that I will be able to control your sexual desire like you have never experienced in your life. The cravings that burn deep inside you, that even you are too afraid to google... I am going to bring those desires out of you and make you experience them to the fullest. Addiction is my goal, I want you hooked for life.