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Italian Goddess wants to spend all of your money

Princess Velia

I am a Goddess. I am here to be spoiled and it is your job to see to my happiness. I will not ask for your money, but you WILL give it to Me. I am above asking, and if I have to ask for your money, you aren’t worth My time. Soon enough, you will completely surrender to me. You will be transferring money from your accounts and begging for my attention in no time. How am I so sure? Easy. The world is full of pathetic losers like you who are only good at one thing: making money to give to me so that you may empty your balls. You’re desperate for guidance. We both know that you’re the only one that touches that vile think between your legs. We also both know that all that hard work you put in for your (soon to be My) paycheck is frequently spent on your jerk off habits. Well, no more, because now t hat paycheck is Mine, and it will no longer be wasted. It will be put to the best possible use. Entertaining Me and making Me happy. It is an obvious decision and your only one. Nothing is more worthy of your paycheck, your lines of credit, your savings, your indebtedness than spoiling Me, by making Me happy. There's no one hotter, more perfect, or more deserving of being spoiled. 

How To Serve Me

Things I enjoy: your cash, your credit cards, gifts and more gifts. Pimping the proud, exploiting the deviants, prettifying the ugly. And of course, sitting on My pretty little ass while you pay to entertain Me. Nothing makes me more excited than a bank account full of cash and a mail box full of gifts.

I don't discriminate. I enjoy spending the cash of both the rich and the poor, the tall and the short, the black and the white, the ugly and the attractive. Cash is cash, and all cash should be Mine. Not yours, Mine. Now make it happen.