Phone Sex

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Powerful, strong and love to make you squirm.

I am a hard core player in the BDSM scene. I don't do gentle. I don't do nice. I certainly don't dial my play down for anyone- especially not you. If you can't handle me then you'd best look elsewhere. I have been in the scene for 5 years now and I have experience in almost all kinds of play. I specialize in brutal, athletic beatings and intense, cruel teasing. I get off on torture, humiliation, interrogation, and mentally and physically overpowering you. I may look small and I may look nice but I will take deep pleasure in ripping you apart, body and soul. I hit hard, whether its with my fists, my bats or my impeccable intelligence. Wimps and sissies should steer clear, for your own safety. I break subs. I will leave you crying and bloody at my feet after I've used your body and mind as my personal punching bags. Think you can handle me?