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worship at the Church of Zoe

The Church of Zoe is different than any church that you've been a part of. It is about religious blasphemy of the false gods that you've wasted your prayers on and about finding a new Goddess who hears your prayers, even if she chooses not to answer them. You don't have to wait around for signs and miracles, you can call and talk to Goddess Zoe, and get your answers. You've probably given many years of service and love to your chosen god, and what have you gotten in return? What does your god really offer you?

I don't pretend to be a loving and benevolent Goddess. In fact I am quite the opposite of that. However I am a Goddess that is deserving all the same, and you'll come to find out as my pet just how deserving and superior I am. Your god looks down on you for having the very nature that he gave to you. Now I may look down on you, but I just punish you and move on. I don't scare with empty threats of eternal misery.

If you're like me and find great pleasure in religious blasphemy and female domination click my call button

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