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my name is sissy michelle. i am a sissy fairy pantywaist. Ever since i can remember i wanted to be completely emasculated and totally feminized. It has taken me a long time to accept that i am completely queer and to be comfortable with it. After years and years of struggle and hard work i am glad about who i am.

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Do you struggle and yet you love your femme self? i love to shop. i have lots and lots of panties and bras, nighties, cami's, slips and petticoats. A girl can't have too many lol.

But it is more than that, cute tunic tops, cropped pants, slacks, skirts, dresses, shoes, hosiery, foundation garments. Make-up, hair accessories. i love reading Vogue and Elle, Harpers, and W. i read all of the ads and they resonate with me.

Do you sit like a girl when you use the bathroom? Have you ever worn pantiliners (i especially love those with wings) or feminine pads? It is important that we sissy girls keep our panties clean. Like real Girls, we need to feel protected and secure.

Have you ever had electrolysis or laser hair removal? What about deportment training and voice training? Hypnosis? Have you ever sought out a therapist to help? Are you curious about how to find one that will support you and help you transition?

If you want support in your transition or just want a sissy girlfriend to share a sissy girl tinkerbell rub and make a sissy cummie in your panties, i would love to be your sissy girlfriend. i am here to help. i know how difficult this can be. i have struggled and succeeded in becoming a wonderful, happy queer and fully developed sissy fairy pantywaist. When Women see me they smile and say, hello sweetie, and men stare furtively or overtly and i know what they are thinking and i feel tingly all over.

i hope you will call and share your story with me and we may laugh and play together.

Warmest regards, sissy fairy pantywaist michelle, sfpw

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