Phone Sex

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Hypnotic Surrender To Your Sissy Nature

One upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of power and control over men. Her dream came true through hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion.
Your love of women is about to get worse, much worse. You are about to fall in love with me. Maybe you are a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Maybe you are bizsexual but could never tell your girlfriend about it. Maybe there's more beneath the surface of you life.
As the wheels turn in your mind, with one phone call, all the churning will stop and my mechanisms will take over. It is about pleasure, my pleasure and your pleasure. Nothing will ever feel as good as letting go of your inhibitions with me.
The drip feed sexuality of vanilla sex is about to be removed and replaced with a never ceasing craving to obey and experience the huge gush of who and what you really are -- a complicated being still evolving into your true self.
Your cock, your balls, your anus and your mouth will all be used for my purposes. Every inch of your sexuality will be tested, made useful to me, or discarded at will. Once I have you mind open, you will have no hope of escaping my grasp.
Come up the stairs to your destiny under my control. It's just a few more steps until we get there . . . then you mind goes blank.
How freaky it gets is up to me, and I do enjoy the occasional freak. Be up for your freaky best, then call me, and watch as I take you up the stairs and into the room where no one sees, no one says, and we do as I please.