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A bunch of pics in my stockings and boots and nothing at all lol
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Build your own fantasy with me. I am real, friendly, sexy and adventurous with sexual situations. I would love to be your girlfriend. Now if your looking to casually sit back and just chat about your day , find a real get to know girl as I want to get to know you or if you feel the need to gently guide your cock towards me or kneal before me. Its a built your own fantasy here. I would love it.
ohh, and by the way if you're looking for a quick get off I am NOT your girl. I am the real girlfriend experience. so kisses, Dallas

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sexual fetish
sexual impulses or compulsions
Conflicting sexual desires between partners aka bi Loneliness (I love to just talk)this is also part of the girlfriend exp
desire to date women with only certain fetishes
I am the other woman lol Loser abilities (to pay on demand)

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I'm 26 just out of an CONTROLLING relationship, and I made a promise to myself to get revenge on all men. One night After counting pennies at a restaurant I noticed my first victim. As he walked over to me and Asked me if I needed help, I told him I was homeless just out of an abusive relationship with no money and needed to look for food. He pulled out money from his pocket and gave me a 20 dollar bill and said to get something good to eat. I told him all the restaurants on this side of town were very expensive, and asked him for a ride to the closest dinner. He agreed to give me a ride, as we were sitting in the car he opened up and said he was all alone single and divorced. Assuming he was a good decent gentlemen, I asked him if I could go by his place for a shower since I hadn't had one in a week, he agreed, and took me to his beautiful home. Steven pointed me to the bathroom, and told me he would wash my clothes while I was taking a shower. After the shower, I came out of the bathroom with my long dark hair down to my ass, and only a skimpy little towel on. As Steven walked closer to me, I let the towel slip on purpose, showing him my perfect body. At this point Steven started to stutter, and asked if he could get me a robe. I told him I preferred to stay naked since I haven't been out of my clothes in a week. Steven said you must be hungry could I fix you something to eat? I agreed, as he started to cook me dinner. I went back into the bathroom to finish toweling off, and blow drying my long black hair. I also started to look for sleeping pills. On the way out to the kitchen I passed the beverage that Steven made for himself and dropped 3 sleeping pills in it. As I was eating dinner naked, giving Steven long looks and my breast, thighs, ass, legs, and feet I noticed the bulge in his pants. At this point I knew I had my first victim. Steven started drinking his beverage, he remarked he was beginning to feel really sleepy. I helped him to the bedroom so he could lay down on the bed. Once Steven fell asleep, I knew he would be out for 12 hours. Now I had time to go to the adult bookstore, for the equipment I needed to start my domination and transformation. Entering the bookstore, I found a chastity device with a titanium lock. Next a collar , leash, ball gag, and a butt plug. The female clerk just smiled, and said I see you have your work cut out for you tonight. Perhaps you might consider a riding crop? We have many on sale, and nothing Will hurt your slave more. The clerk also suggested nipple clamps. Bitches must be kept in chastity, and in pain she laughed. I liked this woman, and told her to give me her telephone number. Perhaps Once my sissy maid is trained, you might like to come over for dinner, and show me how to properly administer a good hard spanking with the crop. She said to give her a call as I left the book store. Next stop was JC Penney lingerie dept. Steven was a average male 6’0 190 pounds, so it was easy to buy large woman’s, black and pink, thigh high fishnets stocking with the seam down the middle. 3 inch black and pink pumps, pink and black panties and bra. Stevens days of wearing men’s under ware are over. Little does he know, but I will soon turn him into a humiliated sissy maid. Now moving to the clothes Department, I bought a wig, several miniskirts, blouses, and of course two maids outfits. Black for everyday, and bright pink for Sunday. Arriving at my new home I checked to make sure Steven was still sleeping, and use this time to look for information to blackmail him. Downloading his cell phone contacts, personal work information that consisted of bosses phone number, e-mail address, customer information,. it was now time to start the transformation. I start by shaving his entire body, painting his toenails bright red, applying the chastity device, and then the lingerie. Tonight it was pink stockings and heels, pink bra, and pink crotch less panties to show off his new chastity device. Next came the makeup, wig. And of course photos. Now Steven has started to awake, he is tied down spread eagle to the bed, gagged , locked in chastity. I sat next to him rubbing my fingers up and down his chest until I reached the cock cage, at that point I whispered in his ear, your life is going to change. You will no longer be called Stephen your name is now Stephanie. For starters, I will show you what I will do to you if you ever disobey me. One leg at a time was tied to the front of the bed high in the air. I told Stephanie to point her toes exposing her ass, at this point I took out my riding crop and whipped each cheek 50 times marking the entire back side. After I told Stephanie to have a good night's sleep, shutting the door, turning out the lights. Now taking time exploring my new home..............NOW call to find out what happens the next morning.