Phone Sex

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Superior Domme Duo

This is not for those of you with skinny wallets. If you happen to have a skinny wallet and you want to run with the big boys.... give Us a call and We will make you work hard to keep up.

We will make you helpless, unable to with hold, making you spill all your naughty secrets. We will make you confess your erotic fantasies, sexual needs, and perverce desires. As you divulge your inner most secrets We will be draining your wallet, and you will love it not being able to stop yourself.

We are women with expensive taste and style. We want big FAT wallets....the ones that have huge bills popping out waiting to be spent.....the ones that are so big they are about to EXPLODE. We want to see that money rain! Drench Us in HUGE wads of doe. Treat Us like the GODDESSES We are.

*Worship Us* $100
*Be Loyal* $200
*Devotion* $400

Pamper Us
(Please note All prices include NiteFlirt commission and covers expensives of both Dommes)

  • Revival Facial $680
  • Oxygen Infusion Facial $500

  • Table Thai Massage $675
  • Couples Massage 1 Session(80 mins) $999

Full Body Wax $720

Combo Mani/Pedi(100 mins) $300