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Many who crave humiliation aren't a "loser" in the general sense. You may have a successful career and a typical, happy life. Deep down your depraved thoughts keep you craving humiliation; despite your seemly normal life. Escape that boring, daily routine of being 'normal.' Consider your absolute need for humiliation as a vacation for the mind. That's where my fun begins; getting inside that twisted mind of yours. The things I will say to you will linger in your conscious well after we are off the phone... IF you are a loser (aka loser at most things or in life), no worries- I will tell you exactly what I think of you. What makes it better is if you share things about yourself. Lose yourself in the humiliation moment and don't hold back. Some things that definitely qualify you as a loser: job vs a career, living in your parents basement, still a virgin, awkward around most get the idea. Of course I can't wait to hear about anything else you might want to tell me about that makes you a tugging little freak.