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Number 25 the Hucow *3 Gallons a day*

My name is hucow number Twenty-Five. My real name was taken by You and instead You gave me a number. You even placed a pad locked collar around my neck with my number. Since I was one of Your favorites you made it a fluffy and pink collar. I mooed happily the day you latched it around my neck. If I was getting such a reward it was only cause I was producing more than 3 gallons a day! A personal goal that I'd now have to overcome to get to 4 gallons a day.

The noise of metal grinding on metal stirred me from my dreams. I blinked the sleep away before stretching my limbs out. I crawled on all four to my pens door, my udders dragging against the hay covered floor, my thick and one inch nipples leaking slightly at the motion.

The stall door flung open and before me stood You, my farmer. You were careful to always hide your face from us (we heard a new hucow escaped and tried to turn you in, but thankfully you ran cross state and set up the farm again, with me being your first hucow) but today you wore you're bandana to where it only coveted your mouth your piercing eyes and nose exposed.

"How you doing today girl?" You asked as you tied a leash to my collar. My mooed and nuzzled my head against your open palm. A sign I was doing just fine. "We got a new milker girl, and I decided you'd be the first to try it out." You said patting my back. You stood and lead me away as I mewled and mooed in happiness.

A brand new machine, and I was the first trying it out! You must really be happy with how much I was producing! As you led me into the milking chambers I saw the other Hucows at their stalls wondering if they too were going to be milked. Some mooing in agony to be relieved.
You led me into the milking chamber and simply attached my leash to the stall. You moved about me locking in to place. You knew I'd never ever run from you, but you still had to be careful.

"Ready girl?" You asked standing in front of me. As I looked all I could see was your bulge. I heard you mention how some fresh hucow milk can grow a cock and in fact yours had grown since adding it your diet. Thoughts of your cock made both my teats and pussy leak. You never waited for my reply before attaching two clear long cylinder to my teats...

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