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I have always enjoyed collecting clothes I am one of those ladies that never gets rid of anything I buy. I like having a lot of options when it comes to getting dressed up. I also enjoy having my sissy friends come over and dig all those wonderful clothes out to have some fun with. I know you have a meager peter and it would never be anything that a woman would consider a 'real' cock.That is okay though you are now free to become the girl you always were inside. I have so many fun things for us to try on together lots of costumes, corsets, garters and of course stockings. I want to hear all your secret confessions I will take them and turn them into wonderful play times. I am just an amateur housewife that enjoys getting naughty I am into all this for the fun I could never do these things with my husband with you though we can have a wonderful time. I know you want to be a true sissy whore and I am a size queen when it comes to toys so I have a lot big toys for us to train that girly hole of yours.I know that becoming a girl means being able to wear those gorgeous glamour gowns that us girls get to wear on occasions do not worry I have kept all of mine so we can dress up in them and pretend we are the belles of the ball. High heels seem to be the most girly thing of all I like them all different colors, heights and styles. I went through my leather time too there is just something about leather that makes it so sexy and bad girlish. Nylons are something you absolutely must learn how to put on and put it on correctly. With all this kink we will never run out of things to talk about.

I am a housewife that most the time doesn't have a husband. So what is a girl to do? Well I have discovered that I really like playing with my sissy friends and I really like shopping. I now have a closet full of fun girly things to wear and tease with. Not so much in the lingerie but a whole lot of dresses, skirts, shoes, and tons of different kinds of hose. I want the whole transformation. Taking off all your boy clothes and casting them aside you will no longer need those boyish things. I will take you to a whole new level of you. I will shave all that nasty hair off you and bath you in girly sweetness. Then I will transform you face into something you have never seen. As I make you stand in front of the full length mirror you will become the girl you never knew you could be. Those silky panties will feel so good against your skin and your filled bra will give you breasts like you have never seen before. Sometimes you will be soft and feminine other times you may become the slut you have dreamed of but could never achieve alone. Come join me and lets start this girly adventure together.

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