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Humiliation, Degradation, Ignoring,Objectification

**Specialities-** * Mistress of the Mind Fuck * Ignoring YOU - I have stuff to do. * Degradation * Objectification * Breaking of the slave - before they even realize what is happening **Experience -** I have been on BOTH sides of the whip - since My journey began in our awesome BDSM lifestyle. I believe, to feel and experience giving one's submission, surrendering one's will, heart, soul -by GIVING it to Another - will strengthen a Dominant's knowledge and understanding. It is not enough to just flick Your wrist, and HOPE that the other will give their ALL to you, you really have to dig deep, and understand where they are coming from to know just how special, how wonderful - submission truly is. That being said, I am an established Mistress, a Domme. I have given all submission to Crimson, My Alpha, My rock, My heartbeat. To the REST- the submissives, I can create the appearance of being cold, heartless, unforgiving, and Yes, I am a Mistress of the Mind Fuck. Beyond the exterior, I truly know, and can FEEL what the submissive is going through, with each paddling of their ass, with each mark left on their body, and even as My fingers wrap around their windpipe, I drink in the fear, the denial, and then the ultimate submission to My will. **Reasons you should submit to Me -** For you to have joined this site, and seeking an Online Dominant - tells Me that you are desperate. Desperate for release. Desperate to find someone in your own world. Aching to feel the genuine submission that is buried deep inside of you. It's not all about sex, is it? You need to find yourself, and I will bring it out. Exploit you? yes. Degrade you? yes. Break you? yes. Give Me your money, and I will give you My precious, sought after TIME.