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Pretty Things Do Make You Hard As A Rock

One upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of power and control over men. Her dream came true through hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion.
I have so many pretty things I have made you buy for me. Which one will I wear today? Will I wear it for you, or will I wear it for someone else? These are the questions that burn into your brain as my hypnotic pet.
Your fantasies are a grand experiment for me. You are a subject in my program, unable to resist calling me again for another session, another brush against the lace of my silk panties and stockings, another chance to peep up my skirt.
But that is all in your mind, a mind trip only I can send you on. Your desire to please me only grows strong with every contact, every thought of my hot, smooth body wrapped in silk.
Even my dirty panties become an object of worship for you. What was I thinking about when I creamed them so much? That question burns away all your hesitations and you are soon picking up the phone to ask me about my pleasures almost forgetting how hard it makes you.
The moment I speak to you, the trance begins, and you feel yourself floating on a cloud of my silky panties unable to break away to even masturbate. We both know you want to, but I am slowing you down, making you wait just like do when I make you wait until I get dressed . . .
or undressed. It doesn't matter really. Your mind can't grasp the difference and I have taken over all your desire and perverted them for my own purpose, my own plans over which you have no control. Call, it is a simple decision that will change everything forever.

Mistress Wynona's Specialties Include: hypnosis, hypnotic persuasion, NLP, erotic hypnosis, giantress shrinking, forced orgasm, orgasm on command, sexual fantasies while hypnotized, zombie slaves, amnesia tribute slaves, hypnosis/patient fantasy role play, sissy fantasies, sissy transformation, forced bisexual hypnosis, mental bondage, hypnogasm, orgasm control, tease and denial, identity transformations, public exposure, alien sex, bitch training, fantasy enslavement, brain erasure, power orgasm, forced dancing, cuckold, breath control, hypnotic chastity, implanted triggers, and trance induction control. Onward and upward, your time spent with me, while pleasurable, will be quite beyond your control. Prepare your account by having sufficient funds for a 30 minute session.