Phone Sex

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When the husband's away, the wife will play...

Well Hello,
Welcome men, women, or other...I like all flavors!

I'm a little, sweet, shy, horny housewife and domestic goddess. I'm pansexual, but I especially LOVE lesbians, shemales, and intellectuals (and aliens if you happen to be one). I'm sexually submissive and polyamorous. I like older, sophisticated people who know what they want. I like when my partner shows dominance and assertiveness. I like it a little sweet and romantic sometimes. I like it a little rough and controlling sometimes. I love sucking off my husband and his friends and satisfying myself with my many toys. If you're a woman, I will worship your pretty breasts and the sexy heat between your thighs. Tell me what a Good Little Girl I am and let me hear you moan.

I'm open to role-playing (especially authoritarian scenarios) and **most fetishes. I'm into praise kink, daddy/mommy kink, virgin kink, teen ageplay, dubious consent play, power exchange - light D/S, slave play, hearing foreign accents (I can do a pretty good Russian) - and probably other kinks I'm not yet aware of (but, I hope you'll teach me). I also like just plain Vanilla.

By day, I'm into self improvement, enlightenment, meditation, and working out at the gym. I craft, write, paint, and research holistic health. I like nature and camping. I'm a super Geek/Nerd (seriously). I LOVE Sci-Fi and Fantasy (anything alien and exotic). I sometimes play computer and XBOX games. I read a lot and write (mostly fanfiction and paranormal erotica, which I will post in Goodie Bags). I'm a huge "Movie Buff," and I know a fair amount of obscure cinematic trivia. Star Wars, Marvel, Disney! NETFLIX!

Now, we can keep it explicitly XXX if you prefer, but I’m a woman of many talents. You'd be missing out on my open-minded, nonjudgmental, unbiased attitude. If you’d like, I offer an ear to vent to, blunt advice, or just a kind, no-pressure chat. I’m friendly, funny, and not easily offended or shocked. So don’t be afraid to be yourself and get a little silly. If you're looking for a real, fun woman to have an intelligent chat with, I’m a great listener - and I’m cheaper than a psychiatrist ;). And you can always leave with a “happy ending,” haha.

I look forward to hearing from you. So call me for a steamy session - or, heck, even if you just need to tell someone about your day :).

Your amorous goddess,
~Violet Venus~

Feel free to send me NF Mail or Chat - I will reply as soon as I can. Goodie Bags coming soon.

Please be clear about your desires so I can best satisfy you ;).

**I will NOT do foot fetish or scat/urine play.