Phone Sex

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Mina Miaow

Truly Submissive and Devoted to your Every Command

Take Me.

Right Here.

Right Now.



I want to be your sweet submissive kitten.
Devoted to your every word, and eager to please you in every way I can.

Just the thought of your control over me
makes this pretty pussy puuurrrr...

I am playful, young, and 100% real;
I've always felt this urge to serve, and I so desperately need it to be fulfilled.
I truly am Masochistic, and Submissive to the very core.
This is so much more than just a kink for me.
This is who I am.

Your validation, and praise when I have been a good girl is something I will do just about anything for.
It is what I strive for.

Your disapproval, and disappointment are the hardest forms of discipline to bear.

There is a longing ache within me when I think about being dominated.
This isn't something that just interests me;
This is something I require.
Please allow me cater to your every desire...
I need it. I crave it.

Please Sir...

I want to give up all of my control to you.
My Body.
My Mind.

Guide me Sir,
my Orgasm Belongs to You.
Take Possession of what is Yours.

For as long as I can remember I have always felt subservient.
I derive an immense amount of pleasure from fulfilling the desires of others.
That combined with my insatiable appetite ignites a desperate flame within me.

I'm sitting here, longing to hear from you.
My heart is beating a bit faster than it normally does, and my cunt is aching.
I can't wait to answer my phone, and hear a sexy stranger on the other side...

Waiting for your call, wondering who you will be;
My handsome stranger, what will you want from me?

I know that the feeling you get when you have control over me really turns you on.
Imagine all the ways you can use my soft flesh purely for your benefit.

Think of all the games we could play together; the Debauchery.
And I will always try my very best to follow your every command.
I promise.

Come here and Claim me as Yours...
Enslave Me.
Use me in any way you see fit, and abuse me when I misbehave.
I like it when you play rough, and get creative with your treatment of me.

Please Sir... do not withhold yourself.
I can endure, willingly to the very end; when you have determined so... and not a moment sooner.
The anticipation is almost unbearable.

I'll do almost anything just to hear you say,
"Good Girl."

Please... I'll crawl to your feet and beg on my knees if you require.