Phone Sex

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Mistress Pinky Galore

WARNING: My Fishnet Stockings Are A MAN TRAP!

I'm a man trap made of pink quicksand & black fishnets. Sink for me, darling!

Go Deeper, Peeper!
Addiction led you here: destiny has determined your doom!
MY kinks include: humiliation, emasculation, teasing, taunting,
button pushing, brainwashing, forced confusion, forced orgasm,
and above ALL: financial fetish.
Boys must NEVER be selfish, they must ALWAYS be generous!
I know what makes you tick and how easy you are to control!
As I pluck your brain strings, your wallet vibrates in harmony with MY hypnotic voice.
Get comfortable in my velvety cocoon.
Using you turns me on!

Inhale my Arsenic Aphrodisiac!
My voice sucks you in, my words spit you out.
Addiction comes quickly in my snobby sticky Web of Lust!

Apply to serve ME by clicking the pink love letter!

Make the BEST 1st impression!
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Peep in on myTiny Voyeur Clip!

Feeling risky?
I will smother you with my breathy whispers.
Once my honey sweet voice has dripped
in your ears, you'll have a hard time getting
that sticky mess out!
Ooh, I'm SUCH a greedy tease!

I make your head & heart spin!

Feeling apprehensive?
Pop this Positive Affirmation Pill:

Don't be nervous. Giggle. It's just a little prick!

I'm lovingly cruel and sadistically inclined.
You KNOW I LOVE to fuck up your mind!
I don't do live hypnosis sessions, but I do create brainwashing clips
& mindfuck tasks. Wanna know more?
Click here to find out!

Ready to sink?
My web is so tightly wrapped around your erogenous zones, darling!
You're seeping ooze and losing sleep.

Get mesmerized by my
Pink Passion Spiral

Sink into this
Weak For Wet Ripped Stockings Clip

Oooh be my
Stocking Stroker (clip) and worship my Sheer Shiny Stockings Set (Pics and Clip)

Worship Mistress Pinky Galore head to toe: Body Worship AND Brain Worship.Here is a selection of my Brainwashing Fetish Content.

Drained drones will always pay.


Rejection Spiral

Cock Tease Dream Girl

Cash Tease Dream Girl

My Eyes Deny You

Drone Stroke: Positive Encouragement Therapy

Spinal Tapping

Mouth Trap

Pussyfoot Sinkhole

Electric Kisses Redux

LipsDick Triggers

Poison Control

TimeWaster: Negative Affirmations

Loser Wake Up Call

Pucker Sucker Punch

Eye Focal

Forced Confusion Feet

Arsenic Aphrodisiac: Bittersweet Kiss

Findom Forced Confusion Kit

LoveStruck BrainDrain

Negative Affirmations Brainwashing Kit

Penis Shrinker Brainwash

SPH Forced Confusion BrainDrain

Tongue Fetish Triggers

Pink Passion Spiral

Hands Free Love Note

Get well! Stay Clean!

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get positive and negative affirmation reinforcements, and absorb OCD Triggers: HERE!