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Hello. I'm Mz Berlin and yes, I'm THAT Mz Berlin.

I’m a bossy bitchy woman that uses her beautiful face, stunning curves and intelligence to get exactly what I want.

Men fall all over themselves trying to submit to me and make me happy.

And I love every second of it.

Cuckolds- I know what you need. As a beautiful and manipulative woman, I always get what I want. And that doesn't include your unsatisfactory dick! I will lock you up in chastity and have you sucking dick on My behalf so quickly your faggy little head will spin. I'll mercilessly tease you in your silky satin panties before subjecting you to Me being filled with BBC. If you're a good boy I'll let you clean up the filthy mess.

Sissies- You are one of my favorites! I love sticking you in slutty girl clothes or, perhaps, a formal satin maids' dress, and then continuing to transform you in other ways. Maybe some hormones? Or whoring you out on the internet? Perhaps you wish to serve me at home, tending to my every whim as you learn to live with your chastity device. Serving at my parties and social functions. Maybe even being lent out to other dominant women who know how to handle and control you. I'm also a big fan of hormones. Are you ready to be My girl?

Submissives- I understand your desire to serve and your fetishistic motivation. I know how to inspire your devotion, keep your focus and teach you how to serve me. Which is essentially what you want, right? To be trained so you are an asset to a beautiful dominant woman? Training beta males is a specialty of mine.

Piggies/Losers/Addicts- I am worthy of your devotion and truly deserve it. Thinking of you, wanking away, paying your cum tax, listening to my audio files over and over again as you stare at GIFs and video clips on your computer screen thrills me. I want to feed, nurture and encourage your perversions. Click here for more information.

Big Boob Addicts- I have been mesmerizing men for years with my huge tits. I love exploiting your weakness for my gain! I offer opportunities for topless tit worship and devotion. I also offer my own special brand of therapy. Click here for your first session and here for your second! You'll be "cured" in no time.



My gift of gab is legendary and My ability to cut you down to size is a trademark. I see you for what you are.

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