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Total Body Worship of Goddess

Women are sensual creatures, each body part to be worshiped like the temple it is part of. Starting at the top staring into those hypnotic eyes, batting lashes as she begins to control your mind. Then moving down to those juicy sweet, wet puckering lips, perfect to kiss or wrap around something thick and hard. Still lower the bosom full of cleavage, imagining how it could envelop the entirety of your cock, squish it do deep that it would be lost between them. As she turns slowly, her backside draws you in like a magnet, lips to cheek. Her ass is worthy of bowing down to, so you will. Bow then fall as she sits back against it, smothering your face, preventing you from any air, only allowing you to breathe her. And last all the way down to her wiggling toes. Slipping out of those heels with a perfect manicure. Using you as a footrest as her does dance on your cock before stepping down. All you long for is to taste each one and make her squirm in delight. Which part makes you weak in the knees? Which is irresistible to you? Tell me and begin your worship.