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Total Mind Control Trace Triggers Illusion

Hypnotic... I am a skilled hypnotist and a cunning financial Domme. You are nothing but a pay pig to me. I will brainwash you, until paying me will be the only way you can cum. Each payment will be ecstasy. Be warned loser, once I take you deep under and play with your mind, I will never leave. Trance... Take one step into my world and there will be no escape. I will take you to the edge, and leave you there, a mindless drooling zombie. A slippery slope as you slide into your new addiction. I am that addiction. Just one little taste to leave you wanting more, needing more, craving more. I am a greedy, relentless, cruel, seductive, succubus and I will leave your mind and wallet ruined for good. Seeping deeper and deeper into your mind each and every moment. Turning your brain to mush. Breaking you down bit by bit, my words penetrating your mind and becoming engraved as truth.

I am a sweet girl next door who grew up into a manipulative Princess. You will be begging me to pay my bills and empty your bank account. I can infiltrate your mind because I understand what makes you tick. When I see a weakness, I pounce, I take hold and I take full advantage. If you suddenly wonder why your mind has gone blank and all you can think about is me, don't say that you weren't warned. I am capable of complete Mind Control. You will find yourself in a trance, throughout your day longing to come to me, to serve me, to pay me, to be ruined for me.