Phone Sex

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Miss Mallory

Losers like you were meant to be used, ignored, and rejected

you lust over Me all day, dream about Me all night. you look at My pictures, and sometimes you get so excited you have to touch yourself.

you buy My photos, obsessively check to see if I'm around or if I've put a new photo set up. you sit in front of your computer, trying to come up with something to say... try to gather the courage to speak. But how do you approach someone like ME ? I'm a beautiful, Dominant, and very Powerful Goddess... I am untouchable to someone like you. you know your place and you're well aware of the fact that you don't really, deserve My attention. After all, you wouldn't want to bother Me... you know I have much more important things to be doing.

Luckily, I'm generous enough that I still make sure there's a way you can *almost* communicate with Me.

you dial the number, hands trembling. you wait, anxiously, and every second that passes feels like an hour. You're listening to the phone ringing... you have butterflies in your stomach. "Will She even pick up?", you wonder. Then, you hear something. I've answered. you sit in silence, in a state of shock and uncontrollable excitement. you can feel the blood rushing from your head directly to your pathetic little cock. you become acutely aware that this is going to be REALLY expensive, but you can't hang up. In fact, when that thought crosses your mind it makes your little prick even harder. you can't help yourself. you're weak. you're desperate... you hesitantly begin to stroke it. you know you're a freak for this. It's shameful.

you start getting frantic... you know that I can hear you... heavy breathing, grunting like a disgusting little animal. How embarrassing. You hear Me giggle and you feel yourself edging closer... We both know you need this loser... this is the closest thing you'll ever get to interacting with Me. I'm so far out of your league I might as well be from a different planet... after all, if it weren't for all the money piling up in My bank account, I wouldn't even know you exist.