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Eleanor DeWitt

Flirty Bettie Page-Type Will Help You Do Laundry

I am a lusty, busty, curious gal with a love of all things vintage. I have oodles of stockings, scads of garter belts and girdles, crinolines that would make your head spin and just under 100 dresses that swirl, twirl, button up and flounce. I wash my dishes by hand (in proper rubber gloves), I fold my laundry with precision and pride. I like to giggle, I like to listen, and I love to flirt. I have a background in psychology and biological sciences, and I have this all consuming curiosity about human sexuality and desires. For all my retro leanings I am also a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy geek, and have been known to simul-read up to seven books at a time to feed my book lust.