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Only obedient pigs will worship My perfect feet

Welcome to My home of feet, heels, and financial domination. I am your Goddess, Lucy. You are here to spoil Me and make My life easier. I am a Goddess and I have specific needs that you piggies must meet. I must be worshipped and pampered at all times. I am greedy to the core and enjoy only the most lavish of luxuries in life. I am a picky Bitch and quite controlling. Some find it difficult to make Me happy, but I always get what I want and My pathetic slaves always come begging back for more.

I think we should get some things straight before we proceed. You are My slave NOT the other way around. Topping from the bottom WILL NOT be tolerated. You came looking for Me...remember??? You will always refer to Me as Goddess. That is My name and you will use it correctly. You will make tributes to Me on a regular basis. Do you see My perfect feet? They require weekly pedicures to keep in pristine condition. I also have regular everyday bills that need to be paid. I know you losers don’t want Me to have to pay them. After all, it’s your job to see that My bills get paid. The more tributes that are made, the more you will get My attention. I’m not easy to please but I know you pathetic losers will give it your all.

I highly enjoy humiliating My slaves, and actually I find it quite rewarding. If you need to be consoled go see your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or anyone else but Me. I am not here to make you feel good about yourself. I am ONLY here to make you realize that you need Me to survive. You’re a freak and no one understands you like I do. You are losers who are here to accommodate Me. You will soon learn that everything you work so hard for will be Mine. You can’t help it. You need Me. You need Me to survive. You won’t be able to concentrate until that bonus check of yours is safe and sound in My bank account. I promise the last thought you have at night will be of Me smearing My dirty stinky feet all over your pathetic ugly face! Maybe I'll be available to provide you with this image but maybe I won't. Sweet dreams...losers!

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