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Fawn Fancybits

My name is Fawn
and I love my panties.

Why I Love Panties

Panties make me warm and wet, don't they have this effect on you, darling?
They make me feel sexy, dangerous, and opulent; like luxury personified.
And this gets me very, very excited.

Fawn FancybitsFawn FancybitsFawn Fancybits

I like to take my time and savor every moment when I get a new pair of panties home. I pour myself a glass of Pinot, turn on the classical station, and take my little pink bag into the bedroom. I delicately reveal the panties from their tissue wrapping and gently remove the tag. Then, I feel the fabric glide across my legs and thighs. I feel the pressure as I slide them over my soft, round ass. I take a drink while studying myself in the mirror; the calm before the storm. The real fun is just about to begin.

Why I Love Phone Sex

Fawn Fancybits

It brings me pleasure to share my intimate moments with complete strangers. Knowing you will be listening makes my play that much more fun. Ignoring you during my self-love sessions means that I can stay in the moment. And being financially compensated means more time I can dedicate to new sessions.

About This Call

By calling this line, you understand that I will not talk directly to you or even listen to you during the call. The only words I will say directly to you are a greeting and a goodbye.

This line is dedicated to voyeurism and financial domination; where you eavesdrop on me while I do whatever the hell I feel like. I may be doing homework while listening to records, making dinner, or - if you're lucky - preparing a pair of my panties.