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INTO HYPNOSIS? Try my free files first to know what to expect & see if my triggers, style & voice work for you. If you're just calling to jerk off, do NOT ask for hypnosis unless you have at least 20 minutes paid for & are prepared for some induction talk. I do usually do less of the induction on Niteflirt, so to go really deep try my files at, &

I've had some great success with a number of subs both in and out of hypnosis, but the one thing they have in common is they communicate about what their desires & fantasies are. Don't just say you want to cum - give me something to work with.

My overall style is softer, but if a sub says they want some verbal abuse, I'll do my best to give it. One thing I'm not into, whether hypnosis or not, is giving orders. For me hypnosis isn't about having a mindless sub, but rather helping a sub explore all those desires in his head.

And I bet deep down, that is exactly what you need... a true Superior skilled with hypnosis to help you accept those desires you. Maybe desires to tribute another man. Maybe desires to be more sexual. Maybe desires to serve and be a good boy. Maybe desires to be a dumb jock or musclehead.

Where I really excel is in creating content. Search my GOODY BAGS here & with TheMesmerizer profile for hypnosis files that help you lower those inhibitions; listen to my RECORDED LISTINGS if you just need a quick jerk to topics like fag degradation, read my NF-compliant financial domination blog which also features fun games for losers, try my poppers fag PTVs, and much more.

Then, when you're ready to explore your fantasies, you can simply relax... take a deep look inside and let me know - what is your deepest desire? Even if you'd rather just jerk as we talk, let me know what you're into and we can have a nice sexy chat. Whether we just chat, do a light session as you stroke into light trance, or if you want the real thing with a full induction to put you into that nice deep sleep... call now.

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Be sure to send a nice big tribute through the option at the left or via the Niteflirt buttons on my blog. After all, isn't that what many of you are really here for? And once you experience my hypnosis, you'll know without a doubt that you have found a true Superior worthy of your money.
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