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POWER, CONTROL, MONEY go hand in hand together. All money slaves experience an incomparable sexual gratification, and a vast emotional surge from the act of giving to their Young and cocky Master. Financial domination gives a slave fulfilment seldom found in other fetishes. Fulfilment and pleasure working for their Master who is far greater than themselves.

You are here because you have an insatiable urge, desire and need. In some ways a sexual drive to fulfil that need, and it must be fulfilled. Even as you read these words, your anticipation builds, your excitment rises, your need to worship me rises to almost an unbearable level. You may try to resist, but you don't want to. You want to be mine and you need pander to my every whim.

Feel your heat beat rise and your breath become quicker, financial domination is the key ! Your desire will build to an obsessive need, revel in the excitement. Then when you can stand the rising tension no longer beg to become my money slave, financial slave, as money servitude is all you are fit for.

I will spend yor hard earned cash, drain you of every penny you have, I will even drive you to financial ruin if you are lucky and keep you entraped, serving me for the rest of your life. I am a true Cocky Master and will be the center of your world when you submit to me!! I will be what you crave, what you look forward to, what you work for and live for. I am a cruel and controlling, so be prepared to give up everything for me as I dont settle for being 2nd best. I am the King, the true Best Master you have been dreaming of and looking for!